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How to Stitch a 4-Tuck Blouse with Piping

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4 hr 3 min (14 Chapters)
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About course

Learn how to refine your tailoring skills further by signing up for our "Simple Four Tucks Blouse with Piping" course on the ffreedom app today. Elevate your fashion game as you delve into the world of exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship.

Under the expert guidance of Yogita R, a celebrated celebrity fashion designer, you will learn to master the coveted "Four Tucks Blouse with Piping Style." This comprehensive course will walk you through the intricacies of designing and sewing blouses that stand out with their unique four-tuck pattern and perfectly placed piping details.

From selecting the right fabrics and materials to mastering advanced sewing techniques, this course is tailored to both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. With step-by-step instructions and practical demonstrations, you'll gain a deep understanding of the construction process, ensuring that your finished blouses exhibit a professional touch.

Join us on this creative journey to enhance your tailoring skills and create stunning blouses with pipping. Enroll now on the ffreedom app and embark on a path of fashion-forward mastery alongside the guidance of a renowned mentor.

Chapters in this course
14 Chapters | 4 hr 3 min
5m 54s
Chapter 1

Begin your journey into blouse creation, explore techniques, and unleash your inner designer with expert guidance.

6m 3s
Chapter 2
How to make a blouse blueprint

Learn to transform ideas into patterns, mastering blueprint creation for flawless designs.

20m 3s
Chapter 3
How to measure a blouse back for a perfect fit

Unlock the secrets of measuring blouse back for a personalized, impeccable fit.

7m 28s
Chapter 4
How to measure a flawless blouse front

Dive into front measurement mastery, a crucial step for blouse perfection.

11m 6s
Chapter 5
Mastering the art of blouse sleeves drafting

Master the intricate art of blouse sleeve drafting, adding elegance to your creations.

20m 29s
Chapter 6
A method of drafting blouse cuts on paper

From paper to fabric, learn the step-by-step process of translating your blueprint into reality.

12m 7s
Chapter 7
Fabric for blouse stitching - How to use it

Understand fabric properties and use them skillfully to enhance your blouse stitching.

22m 26s
Chapter 8
Stitching a blouse - Lets get started

Dive into stitching techniques, turn your fabric into a stunning blouse with hands-on guidance.

8m 30s
Chapter 9
How to pip your blouse using finishing techniques

Elevate your blouses with professional piping techniques and flawless finishing.

13m 17s
Chapter 10
How to attach the linings

Discover the art of attaching linings, elevating the comfort and elegance of your creations.

10m 51s
Chapter 11
The art of spotting darts and neckline with chalks and tapes

Learn precise spotting of darts and necklines, a vital skill for impeccable designs.

33m 10s
Chapter 12
Dart dynamics placement

Master dart placement, adding shape and structure to your blouse creations.

1h 3m 39s
Chapter 13
Cross- bead stitching

Explore unique embellishment methods, creating blouses that exude artistry.

6m 24s
Chapter 14
A guide to pricing your blouse creation

Navigate the world of pricing, ensuring your creations get the value they deserve.

Who can take up this course?
  • Fashion enthusiasts seeking to enhance their sewing skills
  • Individuals interested in creating unique blouse designs
  • Beginners eager to learn about piping and tuck techniques
  • Sewing hobbyists looking to add a touch of elegance to their creations
  • Experienced sewers who want to explore new design possibilities
What will you learn from the course?
  • How to craft a stylish
  • Techniques for creating impeccable piping details on blouses
  • Mastery of the four-tuck pattern to add dimension and style
  • Selection and combination of fabrics to achieve the desired look
  • Insights into the creative process from celebrity fashion designer Yogita R
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How to Stitch a 4-Tuck Blouse with Piping

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