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Handmade gift business- Get over 1 lakh per month

Create a successful business out of your hobby of making handmade presents to maximise your earnings. Discover how!

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  • 1

    8m 23s

  • 2
    Meet Your Mentor

    4m 2s

  • 3
    Handmade Gift Business- Making A Business Plan

    7m 41s

  • 4
    Capital, License, Permission, Registration & Ownership

    5m 44s

  • 5
    Equipment and Technology

    4m 50s

  • 6
    Raw Materials, Manpower, Resource Management

    6m 58s

  • 7
    Complete Gift Making Process

    11m 7s

  • 8
    Location, Marketing, Online and Offline Sales

    5m 57s

  • 9
    Pricing, Expenses and Profit

    4m 10s

  • 10
    Customer Service

    3m 27s

  • 11
    Challenges, Risk Management and Conclusion

    5m 38s


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