Anand Savalageppa Divatagi
Anand Savalageppa Divatagi
Anand Savalageppa Divatagi
🏭 Amrutha agarbatti, Belgaum / Belagavi
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Meet Anand, an entrepreneur from Hanumasagar. His journey from diploma engineer to thriving agarbatti and camphor manufacturer is commendable. Anand's success with Amrita Agarbatti not only fuels his passion but also creates local jobs. Get inspired and learn from him.
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About Anand Savalageppa Divatagi

"Anand Savalageppa Divatagi is a seasoned entrepreneur in the agarbatti industry. With years of hands-on experience, he has successfully transformed his home-based agarbatti business into a thriving venture, generating an impressive annual income of 7 lakhs. Anand is not just an entrepreneur; he is an...

... industry expert with comprehensive expertise in every aspect of the agarbatti business. In addition to setting up agarbatti machines and managing production, marketing, and sales, he is also proficient in camphor manufacturing, making him a valuable resource for anyone looking to enter this market. "

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