C V Santhosh
C V Santhosh
C V Santhosh
🏭 Happy Gerdeners Private Ltd, Bengaluru City / Bangalore City
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Meet CV Santosh, a Bengaluru farmer-turned-entrepreneur. He began with terrace gardens and now owns a business named 'Happy Garden'. He earns Rs 3 lakh monthly. Connect with him to uncover the secrets of his success.
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About C V Santhosh

CV Santosh, an accomplished farmer, generates a monthly income through urban farming in Bangalore. Through the practice of terrace gardening, he became a champion of organic farming practices. Santosh's expertise spans garden design, infrastructure development, soil nurturing, water...

... management, and disease prevention. Beyond his personal success, he has launched ""Happy Garden,"" where he shares his proficiency and offers thriving terrace gardens as a service. Santosh's journey epitomizes sustainable urban agriculture, proving that cultivation knows no bounds.

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