Channakeshava M
Channakeshava M
Channakeshava M
🏭 Channakeshwara farm House, Tumakuru
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Fruit Farming
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Meet Chennakesava M, a prosperous farmer practising integrated farming. He cultivates organic fruit crops throughout the year, including oranges, mangoes, sapotas, water apples, butternuts, areca nuts, and coconuts. The Union Minister has also praised him for his agricultural achievements.
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About Channakeshava M

In contrast to the common belief among farmers that earning a daily income through agriculture is improbable, Chennakeshava breaks the mold. They've demonstrated the possibility of year-round fruit cultivation, achieving daily agricultural earnings. Remarkably, all crops are nurtured using organic methods. Besides growing oranges, mangoes, sapotas, water apples, and butternuts,...

... Chennakeshava excels in nut and coconut cultivation. Selling their produce directly from their garden bolsters their income. Former Union Minister Giriraj Singh praised their achievements. Chennakeshava possesses extensive knowledge of fruit crops, plant selection, irrigation, and marketing strategies. Their mentorship extends to numerous farmers, facilitated even through the Freedom App.

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