Cheruvu Sailaja
Cheruvu Sailaja
Cheruvu Sailaja
🏭 sailoochocos, Hyderabad
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Meet Cheruvu Sailaja Garu, a small-scale baker from Hyderabad, who overcame personal challenges to pursue her passion for baking. Despite facing setbacks, she launched Love for Food, a successful cloud kitchen in 2018, becoming an inspiration to many.
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About Cheruvu Sailaja

Sailaja Cheruvu, hailing from Hyderabad, has successfully operated her home-based chocolate enterprise, ""Sailoo Chocos,"" for an impressive 14 years. Initially, a programmer, Sailaja followed her lifelong passion for baking and ventured into the world of homemade chocolates. At the outset, marketing was unfamiliar terrain, but she embraced the challenge, acquiring essential skills through online resources. Remarkably, Sailaja's chocolate venture began with a modest...

... investment of just 15,000 rupees, yet it has grown to encompass interstate chocolate exports, yielding substantial profits. In a significant development in 2018, she merged her cloud kitchen venture, ""Love for Good,"" with her flourishing chocolate enterprise, further expanding her culinary footprint. Sailaja Cheruvu's journey from a programmer to a thriving chocolatier and entrepreneur serves as an inspiring example of dedication, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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