Dayanandamurthy R A
Dayanandamurthy R A
Dayanandamurthy R A
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Meet Dayanand R. A. an expert in forest farming, integrated farming, and animal husbandry with 12 years of experience. He is known for his innovative approaches to farming, which have resulted in increased yields and improved sustainability.
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Dayanandamurthy R. A, a thriving senior progressive farmer, hails from Deva Marikunte, Challakere taluk of Chitradurga district. Initially aspiring to become a sub-inspector, he moved to Bangalore after completing his degree. To sustain himself, he worked as a security guard at Taj Westend Hotel. Despite being a skilled gymnast, he quickly realized that policing wasn't his calling. One fateful day, his curiosity led him to a...

... horticulture fair, altering the course of his life. Recognizing the value of agricultural land, Dayanandamurthy wasted no time, boarding a bus from Sida Bangalore to Bengadi, a hot and sunny area. Undeterred, he fearlessly embraced farming, combining forest, fruit, and vegetable cultivation, along with poultry and sheep-goat farming, on a single plot of land. His remarkable achievements have earned him numerous awards and recognition.

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