Jyothi Prakasha G
Jyothi Prakasha G
Jyothi Prakasha G
🏭 Jyothi Farm, Chitradurga
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Meet Jyoti Prakash, an apple farmer from Chitradurga. Despite a legal background as a lawyer, he ventured into apple farming in Karnataka. He has achieved remarkable success in harvesting apples at Tammuru and now earns 9 lakh per acre annually.
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Fruit Farming
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About Jyothi Prakasha G

"Jyothi Prakasha, a remarkable fruit grower hailing from Karnataka, has become a renowned expert in the field of apple cultivation. Despite initially pursuing a career in law, his deep-rooted passion for agriculture led him to transition into farming. Jyothi Prakasha's pioneering efforts shattered the conventional belief that apple farming was restricted to such frigid zones. His relentless dedication and meticulous research proved that apples could thrive even in hot climates like...

... Chitradurga, Karnataka. He embarked on a journey to unlock the secrets of successful apple cultivation by visiting orchards in apple-growing regions, absorbing knowledge, and applying it on his own farm. Today,Jyothi Prakasha is not only an apple cultivation expert but also a master of fruit farming. Additionally, he cultivates peanuts across nine acres of land. His vast knowledge encompasses understanding crops' suitability for specific regions, climates, cultivation techniques, and marketing strategies.

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