Kakollu Vasavikanth
Kakollu Vasavikanth
Kakollu Vasavikanth
🏭 Naha Natural Handmade, Vishakhapatnam / Vizagapatam / Visakhapatnam
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Meet Mrs. Kakollu Vasavikanth, founder of NaHa Natural Handmade Products. As a Master Practitioner of NLP, she helps soap makers maximize their sales and success in the natural soap making business. Join her to learn and grow.
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About Kakollu Vasavikanth

Kakollu Vasavikanth runs a profitable home-based soap business with success. She is a post-intermediate cosmetology graduate who started her career as a spa therapist in 1996. She's a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and holds a Diploma in various therapeutic disciplines. In...

... 2004, driven by a passion for natural products and Ayurveda, Vasavikanth founded Natural Homemade Soaps. Using an organic soap-making approach, the business crafts 100% pure soaps, bath salts, face packs, hair oils, and more. Vasavikanth's journey in the soap-making industry serves as an inspiration.

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