Karri N Venkata  karthick kumar SB
Karri N Venkata  karthick kumar SB
Karri N Venkata karthick kumar SB
🏭 Kashinadh Enterprises, East Godavari
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Meet Karthik Kumar, owner of 'Kashinath Enterprises', who is a successful agarbatti businessman and is earning up to one crore per year. He has complete information about the manufacturing of incense sticks and its marketing.
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About Karri N Venkata karthick kumar SB

Karthik has achieved remarkable success in the Agarbatti industry by combining his marketing skills with his passion. After graduating in 2018, he partnered with Adinarayan Arora to manufacture incense sticks. This partnership gave birth to "Kashinath Enterprises", where Karthik's marketing skills complemented his agarbatti...

... and benzoin resin production. With his guidance, today his business is very successful and is earning more than Rs 1 crore annually and is also creating many employment opportunities. They have valuable expertise in creating effective marketing strategies and establishing a strong brand presence in the agarbatti industry.

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