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Meet Mr. Karumbaiah, a seasoned mentor with 20+ years of experience in homestay business. He owns Ajantha Homestay and excels in guest satisfaction, operations, marketing and tourism in the region. Let him guide you to homestay success!
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About Karumbaiah

Mr. Karumbaiah, a seasoned mentor has over two decades of expertise in the realm of homestays. As the proud proprietor of Ajantha Homestay nestled in the picturesque Coorg, Karnataka, he has mastered the art of ensuring unparalleled guest satisfaction. Mr. Karumbaiah's proficiency extends across various domains, including...

... seamless operations, strategic marketing, and fostering tourism in the region. A visionary pioneer, he played a pivotal role in introducing this concept to Coorg, marking him as a trailblazer in the industry. Allow his wisdom to illuminate your path to homestay success, as he stands as an unwavering beacon of guidance and achievement.

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