M Baswaraj
M Baswaraj
M Baswaraj
🏭 Arogyadayini oil mill business, Vishakhapatnam / Vizagapatam / Visakhapatnam
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M. Basavaraj ji, who has inspired the countrymen in NDTV's show 'Icons of India', is inspirational for the youth and is an expert in oil and food processing business. His brand "Arogyadayini" is launched in U.K. And also quite famous
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Food Processing & Packaged Food Business
Bull Driven/Cold Pressed Oil Mill - Earn Up To 1 Lakh/Month
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About M Baswaraj

A teacher was astonished to discover that six children under seven had diabetes at his school. Motivated, he delved into organic farming to make a positive impact, aiming to benefit at least four individuals through his efforts. This journey led him to Ganuga oil, and Basavaraju from Telangana's Mehbubnagar district initiated "Arogyadaiini Oil...

... Mill" with a mere 2 lakh rupee investment, extracting bullock oil on a small plot. This venture yields various oils, earning him 2 lakh rupees monthly. Basavaraju, inspired people from "Icons of India", He considers his profession not just profit-oriented, but a loving profession, He can become a role model dedicated to collective betterment.

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