Maruti Mardi
Maruti Mardi
Maruti Mardi
🏭 Rayanna Sheep - Goat Rearing & Training kallolii , Belgaum / Belagavi
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Meet Maruti Maradi, a Nari Suvarna breeder from Belgaum. He has roots both in farming and animal husbandry. He transformed his hometown, mentoring 200+ individuals and generating prosperity through sheep farming. Connect, learn, and thrive under his guidance.
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About Maruti Mardi

Maruti Maradi, hailing from Gokak, Belgaum district, has transformed sheep farming into a thriving venture. Initially disinterested, after education, he embraced sheep rearing, becoming a top Nari Suvarna breed expert. Progressing each day, he expanded to South African Darper, Beetle goat, Mandya Bannur sheep, yielding crores...

... annually. A top Nari Suvarna chicken breeder, Maruti earned the Shrestha Pasupala and Super Smart Farmer Awards. Sharing wisdom, he's trained over 500 people in sheep breeding. Maruti Maradi's journey signifies how sheep farming, once consider mundane, can blossom into a rewarding pursuit, benefiting both farmers and the community.

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