Mohammed Alim
Mohammed Alim
Mohammed Alim
🏭 Nukkar Printing and Binding Center. , லக்னோ
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Meet Mohammed Aleem, the famous icon of NDTV's show “Icons of Bharat” who has built the largest printing business in Lucknow. Connect with this business expert and get the secrets of success.
தனிப்பயனாக்கப்பட்ட வழிகாட்டுதலுக்காக Mohammed Alim உடன் பேச விரும்புகிறீர்களா?
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Mohammed Alim பற்றிய விவரம்

Mohammad Alim, a visionary entrepreneur who has pioneered one of Lucknow's largest printing enterprises. With an innovative mindset and unwavering determination, he has uniquely shaped his venture. An embodiment of inspiration, Alim's triumphant journey spans 36 years, leaving an indelible mark on the printing industry. He imparts business wisdom to diverse individuals,...

... sharing his expertise in crafting posters, pamphlets, banners, books, and brochures, while excelling in business inception and profit generation. Alim's unwavering entrepreneurship has weathered changing times, propelling his enterprise to remarkable heights. His remarkable feat earned him a coveted spot on NDTV's renowned show 'Icons of Bharat,' inspiring the entire nation.

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