Muttanna B Pujar
Muttanna B Pujar
Muttanna B Pujar
🏭 Muthanna Estate, Haveri
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Meet Mr Muttanna B. Pujara, a farmer who has transformed barren lands into a thriving agricultural empire, earning millions every year. His remarkable journey is an inspiration, and he's here to mentor you.
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About Muttanna B Pujar

Muttanna B Pujar, a thriving farmer, earns more than a crore annually from agriculture. Spanning 37 acres, his farm boasts an array of crops: groundnut, pepper, mango, sapota, along with animal husbandry, fish farming, 17 varieties of rice, 1000 sheep, beekeeping, and organic manure. Honoured with the Karnataka...

... Rajyotsava Award, his agricultural prowess shines. Muttanna's expertise extends to recommending region-suited crops, forestry (sandalwood, silver, sago), horticulture, spice cultivation, marketing, and sales. Fondly called as a walking agricultural university, Muttanna is an invaluable source for all farming queries.

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