Nagaraja B J
Nagaraja B J
Nagaraja B J
🏭 Ullas Fish Seed Farm, हासन
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Meet Nagaraj, a poultry and fish farming expert who earns 12 lakhs a year from his integrated poultry and fish farming business. Here is your chance to find out what his secrets are.
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Nagaraj, a prosperous integrated fish and poultry farmer, hails from Gorurur in the Hassan district. Following his PUC studies, Nagaraj dedicated himself tirelessly to Genopaya in various roles, even attaining the status of a top-tier contractor. However, this path was short-lived, prompting his return to his hometown with a resolution to undertake ventures in agriculture. His innovative approach fused fish and poultry farming, yielding remarkable results. Implementing this vision, Nagaraj...

... constructed fish ponds and dual-level structures, hosting chickens above and fish below. His triumph prompted the expansion of fish ponds, cultivating Katla, Rohu, and Mrigal species. Additionally, he established a thriving venture by distributing hatchery-bred chicks to fellow farmers. Through this multifaceted strategy, Nagaraj now reaps an annual income of 12 lakhs on just half an acre, a testament to his prowess in mixed chicken, fish, and baby fish farming. His accolades span numerous awards.

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