Naresh Chowdary Potharaju
Naresh Chowdary Potharaju
Naresh Chowdary Potharaju
🏭 Tarakarama Organics, Vishakhapatnam / Vizagapatam / Visakhapatnam
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Honey Bee Farming
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Meet P. Naresh, a mechanical engineer turned beekeeping maestro hailing from Andhra Pradesh. Currently, he manages a thriving honey bee farm with 400+ bee boxes. Find out how he succeeded in beekeeping.
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About Naresh Chowdary Potharaju

Naresh Chowdary Potharaju has achieved remarkable success in the field of beekeeping. He operates his business under the banner of ""Tarakarama Organics."" Initially trained as a mechanical diploma holder, Naresh also gained experience as a print media employee before delving into beekeeping. His passion for this industry led him to further refine his skills through prestigious institutions like the Central Bee Research and Training Institute (CBRTI) and...

... KVIC Pune. Starting with just 50 bee boxes, Naresh's business has flourished over time. Today, he manages an impressive 400 bee boxes and has diversified his entrepreneurial endeavors to include homestays, agripreneurship, and pepper and coffee seeds retailing. This diversification has resulted in substantial profits. Naresh's achievements have not gone unnoticed, as he has garnered numerous accolades and board meeting awards for his remarkable success.

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