Paraparthi Dudhisti
Paraparthi Dudhisti
Paraparthi Dudhisti
🏭 SMT piggry breading farm, Srikakulam
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Pig Farming
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P Dudhishti from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh runs "SMT Pigree Breeding Farm." The farm engages in pig farming, earning 20 lakh rupees monthly with over 1600 pigs, Learn the nuences of this business. Get connected with Dudhishti now
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About Paraparthi Dudhisti

Dudishti, hailing from Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh, has a different perspective. Earning up to two lakh rupees monthly through pig farming, he has triumphantly operated "SMT Pigry Breeding Farm." Back in 2019, he initiated the business with an investment of 40 lakh rupees and 50 pigs. Presently overseeing...

... 1600 pigs, He strives for a 2 lakh rupee monthly turnover. Not confined to his local vicinity, Dudishti has extended his efforts beyond, establishing business centers around Bhubaneswar and Srikakulam. His success underscores that capabilities are boundless and can excel in diverse fields, challenging traditional notions.

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