Prashanthakumar S M
Prashanthakumar S M
Prashanthakumar S M
🏭 Dragon Fruit Farm, Davanagere
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Meet Prashanth Kumar, a dragon fruit farmer with a master's degree in agriculture. Prashanth successfully started a dragon fruit plantation along with 100 butter fruit trees, becoming an agricultural inspiration for the entire region.
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About Prashanthakumar S M

Prashanth Kumar S M, hailing from Davangere, is a prosperous dragon fruit farmer. Holding a master's degree in agriculture, he transitioned from traditional farming to fulfill his agricultural dreams. Prashanth's journey began with dragon fruit making him an exceptional farmer. Amid challenges, he...

... embarked on dragon fruit farming and succeeded. Despite the initial hurdles and lack of guidance, Prashanth's persistence paid off, resulting in a flourishing 1-acre dragon fruit plantation. His success story extends to cultivating 100 butter fruit plants which inspires others and makes him a role model.

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