Preeti Anand Mishra
Preeti Anand Mishra
Preeti Anand Mishra
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Meet Preeti Anand Mishra, a 24-year-old entrepreneur who earns an impressive income through her Innovative Book Cafe Business. Her passion and talent can guide you to success. As a mentor, she will help you develop your skills and achieve your
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Preeti Anand Mishra பற்றிய விவரம்

With her background in event management, Preeti embarked on an inspiring journey fueled by her aspiration to launch her own café. After exploring various options, she discovered Kitab Khana, a well-known bookstore offering books, tea, and Parle G biscuits, yet lacking a food selection. This deficit ignited a concept in Preeti's mind: a book café where patrons could relish reading, coffee, and delectable cuisine. Fueled by her instincts, Preeti...

... materialized ""The Book Mark Cafe"" in Kalyan, Mumbai, Maharashtra, which has garnered a distinguished reputation. Leveraging her remarkable business acumen, she has attained noteworthy triumph, yielding an annual income exceeding 60 lakhs. As our mentor, Preeti brings a reservoir of wisdom concerning the establishment and operation of a book café enterprise. Her expertise empowers entrepreneurs to effectively tackle the intricacies of this domain.

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