Premila Sarah Thomas
Premila Sarah Thomas
Premila Sarah Thomas
🏭 Bridal and Fashion makeup, Bengaluru City / Bangalore City
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Meet Ramu.P, a resilient villager from Hattikate, Shimoga. Despite initial setbacks, he mastered Fish Hatchery, creating Uday Fish Farm. His success story is an inspiration, showcasing his dedication and expertise in fish farming. Connect with him to learn and grow.
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About Premila Sarah Thomas

Ramu.P, a villager from Hattikate in Bhadravati taluk of Shimoga district, pursued his education till SSLC and became an expert in Fish Hatchery. He moved to Bangalore with hopes of collecting pearls but faced disappointment after various attempts over one and a half years. Facing ridicule upon returning home, he persevered,...

... attempting ventures like poultry and livestock farming. With his fish rearing expertise, Ramu established Uday Fish Farm and Hatchery, creating four distinct ponds for breeding Katla, Rohu, Gauri, and Mrigal fish. His dedication led to successful hatchery and farming, generating substantial income and becoming an inspiring example.

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