Ramesh G
Ramesh G
Ramesh G
🏭 Likith Green Plants Nursery and Farm, Bengaluru City / Bangalore City
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Meet Ramesh G, an esteemed terrace farming expert and highly accomplished watermelon farmer. His fruit cultivation skills have helped him earn 2 lakhs in just three months. Learn from Ramesh's vast expertise and enhance your knowledge.
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About Ramesh G

Ramesh Ji, a skilled farmer, nurtures an expansive 20-acre rocky terrain, yielding a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables that brings substantial earnings. Notably, 60% of this land thrives through organic cultivation methods. The diverse array includes watermelon, papaya, butter fruit, Nagpur orange, sweet lemon, custard apple, guava, and lemon. This agricultural prowess extends to...

... vegetables and a thriving coconut plantation. Collaborations with prominent outlets like supermarkets, Hop Coms, and Big Basket facilitate crop sales. Ramesh Ji's outstanding contributions have garnered several accolades, such as the District Progressive Farmer Award, Dr. Marigowda Horticulture State Award, "Dwarkanath State Award," and "Krishi Pandit Udayonmukhi Award," further highlighting his excellence.

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