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Meet Ravikumar C, a successful Dutch rose farmer hailing from Bangalore. Annually, he earns crores of rupees by cultivating roses on his extensive 8-acre farm. He knows the secrets of land preparation, production, and harvesting. Connect with him now.
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About Ravikumar

Ravikumar C, a Dutch rose grower from Borobbari, has scripted a 16-year success saga. Born in Dodda Hejjaji Anno village, he aspired to embrace agriculture over urban allure. Returning to his ancestral land, he pursued traditional farming, then after extensive research he ventured...

... into Dutch rose cultivation. What started with 6 acres of Roch roses has now blossomed into 8, yielding potential crores. With vast polyhouse and rose cultivation expertise, Ravikumar stands as a beacon for the youth, embodying the fusion of rural roots with agricultural prosperity.

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