S B Haleshappa
S B Haleshappa
S B Haleshappa
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Meet Mr S B Haleshappa, a renowned eco-friendly pottery artisan who runs a handicraft business. His handcrafted pots are cherished across the country. His work is noted for its high quality work. Connect with him to learn about his craft.
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SB Haleshappa, a successful pot handicraft entrepreneur. He was born in Harnalli of Shimoga district. Born in a family of artisans, he wanted to maintain and nurture the same industry. Halesh's family was also engaged in the business of making earthenware, so Haleshappa, who continued the same art as his parents, did not limit himself to just earthenware in accordance with modernity,...

... but proceeded to manufacture various attractive products. Not only that, his expertise spread outside Karnataka. And now, the products manufactured by him are being exported abroad as well. Due to his achievements in handicrafts, he has received many awards and also the state award. The industry, which started with clay pottery, has grown to produce hundreds of types of clay handicrafts.

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