Srinivasa Reddy H V
Srinivasa Reddy H V
Srinivasa Reddy H V
🏭 Sreevaishnavi dragon fruit farm, Bengaluru Rural / Bangalore Rural
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Meet Srinivas Reddy, a Bengaluru-based farmer. His "Sri Vaishnavi Dragon Fruit Farm" produces some of the best dragon fruits. His unwavering dedication to agriculture has earned him "Best Farmer" and "Superstar Farmer" awards. Connect and learn.
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About Srinivasa Reddy H V

Srinivas Reddy, hailing from Bengaluru, Karnataka, has established himself as a thriving dragon fruit cultivator. Following his academic pursuits, he initially ventured into real estate before pivoting to his true calling in agriculture. Recognizing the immense potential of dragon fruit, he founded ""Sri Vaishnavi Dragon Fruit Farm"" spanning three acres in Yelahanka, Bangalore. Over the past...

... decade, this enterprise has consistently delivered exceptional results, boasting a remarkable yield of fifteen tons per acre. Presently, Reddy oversees the cultivation of pink and white dragon fruit across a sprawling 10-acre expanse. His unwavering dedication has garnered him prestigious accolades including the ""Best Farmer"" and ""Superstar Farmer"" awards, further validating his relentless efforts.

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