Sudheendra C N
Sudheendra C N
Sudheendra C N
🏭 Sudheendra Rabbit Farm, Davanagere
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Meet your mentor, CN Sudheendra Reddy, an animal husbandry expert and accomplished rabbit breeder. He has vast expertise in affordable animal nurturing, sales, marketing, and networking. Seize the opportunity to learn and grow under his guidance.
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About Sudheendra C N

CN Sudhindra is a thriving farmer, generating substantial income even in challenging sub-agricultural conditions. His annual earnings now surpass 10 lakhs, through successful rabbit farming. With impeccable expertise, he's ventured into pig farming and university collaborations. Originally employed in Bangalore, he returned to his hometown to initiate dairy farming....

... Beginning with a mere 25,000 rupees, Sudhindra established a rabbit breeding hub. His operations include selling rabbit cubs, crafting nests, supplying labs, and providing meat. Extending beyond state borders, he facilitates sales and purchases mature rabbits. Sudhindra also imparts pig farming training to youth, capitalizing on his extensive animal husbandry knowledge.

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