Suresh Babu R
Suresh Babu R
Suresh Babu R
🏭 GreenWood Farm, Kolar
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Meet Suresh Babu, a visionary farmer and former educator. From teaching to transformative farming, he's a pioneer who turned 4 acres into a thriving, integrated agro-paradise, earning over 10 lakhs annually. Learn from his incredible journey!
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Integrated Farming
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About Suresh Babu R

Suresh Babu, an inspiring figure who transformed from a teacher to a remarkable farmer. Hailing from Kolar, he was awarded the prestigious Pragati Par Raitha for his exceptional agricultural achievements. Despite his initial disinterest in farming, he left his teaching role to fully dedicate himself to agriculture. With extensive knowledge, he embraced...

... integrated farming, raising cattle, fish, chicken, sheep, and bees on his four-acre land. His diversified approach yielded astonishing profits, defying norms. In a time where farming is overshadowed, Suresh Babu stands as a testament, proving that thriving in agriculture is possible and worthy. He's a true role model, motivating others to believe in farming's potential.

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