Tammaray Nimbuni
Tammaray Nimbuni
Tammaray Nimbuni
🏭 Nimbuni Farm, Vijayapura / Bijapur
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Meet Tammarai Nimbuni, a resilient farmer who transformed barren land into a thriving dragon fruit orchard. Hailing from a small village, he defied odds, inspiring us with his dedication and innovation. Connect and learn from this agricultural pioneer.
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About Tammaray Nimbuni

Tammarai Nimbuni, a dedicated farmer, defied odds by cultivating dragon fruit in a barren land, bringing smiles to many. Gummata Nagari, hailing from a small village named Jeegjeevani in Hindi taluk of Vijayapur district, started as an engineer in Mumbai. Intrigued by dragon fruit, he returned to his roots. Despite skepticism from...

... family and villagers about growing this in the sunny region, Gummata persisted. He planted 20 dragon fruit plants initially, which thrived and bore fruit. Encouraged by this success, he expanded to his entire farm. Today, Gummata and his achievements stand as inspirations for young farmers, showcasing determination and innovation.

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