Tejukumar GL
Tejukumar GL
Tejukumar GL
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Meet Tejukumar, a thriving entrepreneur from Gorldka village. Taking over his father's agri-machinery business after graduation, his journey is a testament to success, with impressive yearly growth. Connect to learn how he succeeded.
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Tejukumar, a successful young businessman, originates from the quaint village of Gorladku in Hiriyur Taluk. Despite earning a B.Com degree in Silicon City Bangalore, he resisted the city's allure and the prospect of employment under others. His heart was set on entrepreneurship. Hence, he chose to take over the farm...

... equipment dealership his father and brother established, leading him to relocate from Bangalore to Shira Taluk. By doing so, he not only relieved his father but also thrived in managing the business. For over a decade, he's orchestrated profitable operations, emerging as an inspirational figure for budding entrepreneurs.

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