Thimmappa P G
Thimmappa P G
Thimmappa P G
🏭 Swathi fish farm, Shimoga
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Meet Thimmappa a seasoned fish farming expert hailing from Thirthahalli, Shimoga. Beginning with half an acre and a 50,000 investment, he now cultivates Gouri, catla, and mrigal fish on three acres. Discover the secrets of successful fish farming.
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About Thimmappa P G

Thimmappa PG from Thirthahalli, Shimoga, boasts rich experience in fish farming, particularly in Gouri fish. He also raises catla and mrigal fish. Starting on half an acre with a 50,000 investment, his success prompted expansion to three acres. He sells fish fry alongside...

... cultivated fish, currently within the local market. Thimmappa excels in pond construction, site selection, chick selection, feeding, harvesting, and sales. His remarkable achievements earned him the Successful Farmer Award from Mudigere University, highlighting his expertise in the field.

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