Umesh Kamath
Umesh Kamath
Umesh Kamath
🏭 Umesh Kamath Farm, Udupi
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Meet Umesh Kamat, a coastal farmer from Anjoor, Udupi. With just one acre of land, he has transformed it into 3.5 acres of betel leaf, peanuts, and bananas. Learn from his experience in getting the most out of limited space.
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About Umesh Kamath

Umesh Kamat, a prosperous coastal farmer from Anjoor, Udupi, stands out with his integrated farming skills. Inspired by his ancestral roots in agriculture, he nurtured the practice. With a legacy of betel leaf cultivation, he expanded from 1 to 3.5...

... acres. Diversifying wisely, Umesh now thrives with peanut and banana cultivation, boosting his earnings. Furthermore, he generously imparts his knowledge, guiding fellow farmers in maximizing income from limited space, carving a path to prosperity.

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