Uppu mahesh
Uppu mahesh
Uppu mahesh
🏭 Natures Follow Beauty Training Academy, Vijaywada
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Meet Uppu Mahesh, an entrepreneur from Vijayawada. He runs Nature Spa and Beauty Clinic, training over 100 beauty enthusiasts through his academy. With years of experience and a "Best Candidate Makeup Certificate" in 2019. Learn about the beauty industry from
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About Uppu mahesh

Uppu Mahesh, located in Vijayawada, is a thriving entrepreneur running Nature Spa and Beauty Clinic. His success extends beyond his salon as he trains over 100 individuals in beauty through his academy. With years of experience, he leads an eight-person team, achieving considerable...

... earnings. Recognized with the "Best Candidate Makeup Certificate" in 2019, Mahesh's guidance helps others transform their beauty passion into lucrative ventures. Meeting Mahesh offers the opportunity to learn firsthand how to merge creativity with business acumen in the beauty industry.

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