Vanalatha S
Vanalatha S
Vanalatha S
🏭 Blizy Color Candles Private Limited, Hyderabad
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Meet Vanalatha, an entrepreneur who founded "Blizzy Color Candles Private Limited" in 2005. With a remarkable range of candles including decorative, birthday, wax, and Christmas candles, she offers top-notch quality at affordable prices. Connect to learn more about her journey!
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About Vanalatha S

In 2005, S. Vanalatha embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by founding ""Blizzy Color Candles Private Limited."" This company specializes in crafting an extensive array of candles, encompassing significant variants like birthday candles, decorative candles, wax candles, and Christmas candles....

... Beyond delivering superior-quality candles, the company stands out for presenting economically-priced candles in captivating forms. Despite lacking prior experience, Vanalatha has emerged as a triumphant industry leader, generating employment prospects for numerous individuals through her venture.

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