Varun P R
Varun P R
Varun P R
🏭 PKR Dairy Farm, Chikballapur
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Meet Varun P R, a dairy farming maestro from Chikkaballapur. On a decade-long journey, he's transformed 50 cows into a thriving and profitable dairy empire. From breed selection to milk marketing, Varun's expertise shines. Start your journey now.
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About Varun P R

Varun P.R. from Chikkaballapur, an expert in dairy farming with over a decade of experience. Starting with just 50 HF cows and a modest investment of 1.5 lakhs, he now manages a flourishing dairy business, earning millions each month. His farm yields 250 to 500 liters of milk...

... daily, all expertly managed. Varun's expertise spans cow breed selection, calf care, feed management, disease control, and milk marketing. With an investment of 75 lakhs to 1 crore, he's a true dairy success story. Additionally, his skills extend to goat rearing, owning 30 goats.

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