Venati Bharath Reddy
Venati Bharath Reddy
Venati Bharath Reddy
🏭 Adhya Wellness Farms, Nellore - Sri Potti Sriramulu
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Meet Venati Reddy, who turned adversity into opportunity by founding "Adya Wellness Farms" during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is an expert in spirulina cultivation. Connect and find out more about his remarkable journey.
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About Venati Bharath Reddy

During the Covid pandemic, Venati Bharat Reddy, a private sector employee from Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh, returned to his village. Driven by a desire to utilize untamed land, he ventured into cultivating spirulina, an unfamiliar crop in India. This initiative, named "Adya...

... Wellness Farms," proved immensely lucrative. Despite the crop's obscurity, Bharat recognized its potential and honed his marketing skills. In recognition to his innovative spirulina cultivation, he was honoured with the "Innovate Farmer" award and the prestigious "Patanjali" awards in 2012.

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