Venkatakrishna Bhat B
Venkatakrishna Bhat B
Venkatakrishna Bhat B
🏭 VK Bhat Farms, Dakshina Kannada
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Meet Venkata Krishna, an Egyptian Bee Farmer from Panaje village. His passion for honey production inspired him to transform inherited land into thriving agricultural fields, specializing in Korijena production. He is recognized by numerous organizations as the ultimate beekeeping guide.
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About Venkatakrishna Bhat B

Meet the renowned honey farmer, Venkatakrishna Bhat, from Puttur taluk in Dakshina Kannada. Dedicating 15 years to honey farming, he's gained fame akin to Kirujenu Andre Venkatakrishna Bhatt. Unlike his peers, he leaped into agriculture after studies, with a keen interest in bee farming. Starting with just one hive, he now tends to...

... 250-350 beehives, ingeniously crafted from coconut shells and bamboo. Awards have adorned his journey as a beekeeper, including recognition as Kirujen's best mentor. On his 3.5-acre land, he cultivates pepper, coconut, and nuts, while also managing a dairy farm. His expertise extends to selling products both in and outside Karnataka.

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