Vinesh Kumar Sharma
Vinesh Kumar Sharma
Vinesh Kumar Sharma
🏭 Jaiman Poli house, Dausa
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Meet Vinesh Kumar Sharma, a cucumber farmer who grows cucumbers on two acres of land and reaps 25 lakhs a year. He has developed a unique farming style based on his vast knowledge and experience. Get in touch with him.
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About Vinesh Kumar Sharma

Vinesh Kumar Sharma, hailing from a small Rajasthan village, stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring agriculturists. With a background in private employment, he defied limitations and turned to his two-acre plot, embarking on cucumber cultivation using innovative poly house techniques. Overcoming COVID-19 hurdles, he persevered,...

... establishing a flourishing cucumber farm. Generating substantial income and doubling farmer profits, he's transformed conventional wisdom. Presently, his annual earnings exceed 25 lakhs INR, a testament to his unwavering dedication. Vinesh Kumar Sharma's journey underscores that knowledge and determination breed triumph in agriculture.

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