Vishshweshwar Sajjan H V
Vishshweshwar Sajjan H V
Vishshweshwar Sajjan H V
🏭 Sajjan Jaivik Farm, Bellary / Ballari
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Meet Vishshweshwar Sajjan is a Senior Progressive Farmer from Bellary district. With unwavering dedication, he turned barren lands into fertile grounds. In drought-hit regions, he shares his wisdom on crop cultivation. Connect and learn!
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About Vishshweshwar Sajjan H V

Vishweshwar Sajjan, hailing from Kudligiyavadra, Vijayapur district, exemplifies a new approach to farming. With 22 years of agricultural experience, he's not just a farmer but a visionary. His success story includes adding value to agricultural products, boosting income. His expertise led him to bela cultivation,...

... capitalizing on value addition. This transformed his earnings significantly. Notably, Vishweshwar Sajjan, an honored recipient of a state award, defies convention by rearing 18 high-yield Gir cows alongside his progressive farming. This innovative farmer is reshaping possibilities, inspiring fellow farmers to evolve and prosper.

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