Yogeshwari H
Yogeshwari H
Yogeshwari H
📍 Mysuru / Mysore, Karnataka
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Meet Ms. Yogeshwari, a bag manufacturer with 30 years of experience. Over 2000 people have learned the manufacturing process from her. Known for her innovation and attention to detail, she excels at creating quality products. Become an entrepreneur with her.
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About Yogeshwari H

Yogeshwari H is a skilled Craft Teacher at JSS College, Mysore, with expertise in fashion and clothing. Andre Sayakanla, a successful designer of handbags, crafts his creations during leisure. Overcoming marital challenges, he delved into the business and thrived. For over two decades,she has crafted a diverse range of bags, from...

... designer to fancy and purses. The duo sells locally, reaping substantial profits. They share insights on cost-effective bag crafting and offline/online sales strategies, backed by Andre's marketing acumen. With vast experience, he imparts bag-making knowledge and has trained over 3000 individuals, fostering skills and entrepreneurship.

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