Course Trailer: Multi-Culture Fish Farming-Earn 12 Lakh Profit from 2 Acres. Watch to know more.

Multi-Culture Fish Farming-Earn 12 Lakh Profit from 2 Acres

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3 hr 5 min (12 Chapters)
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About course

Introducing the Multi-Culture Fish Farming course - Your gateway to earning a lucrative 12 Lakh profit from just 2 acres of land. This innovative course combines traditional aquaculture techniques with cutting-edge cage and pen culture fish farming methods to give you a comprehensive understanding of the fish culture business.

Fish farming has gained immense significance in recent times as it offers a sustainable solution to the increasing demand for seafood.

The course ensures that anyone can learn and implement the techniques covered. It covers everything from the basics of fish farming to the more complex techniques of cage culture and pen culture fish farming. The mentor for this course is Dr. Madesh, an industry veteran with years of experience and numerous achievements to his name.

This Fish farming course provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, offering a detailed analysis of the market and its trends, along with opportunities for growth and expansion. The course covers various species of fish, their breeding, feeding, and disease management, enabling learners to set up and manage their fish farming business effectively.

By enrolling in this course, you will stand to benefit from a wealth of practical knowledge and insights, which you can use to start and run a successful fish farming business. Furthermore, the course offers tremendous opportunities for growth and expansion, enabling you to maximize your profits and scale your business. So, we invite you to enroll in our all-inclusive course and walk your way to success.

Chapters in this course
12 Chapters | 3 hr 5 min
8m 53s
Chapter 1
Introduction to the course

Start your fish culture journey with a comprehensive overview. Get primed for success as you delve into key concepts and strategies.

5m 29s
Chapter 2
Introduction to mentors

Discover the importance of mentors in the fish farming industry. Learn how to find and work with a mentor to maximize your success.

28m 12s
Chapter 3
Fish Farming Practices

Learn about the various practices involved in fish farming, including pond design, stocking, and monitoring water quality.

17m 20s
Chapter 4
Capital, government facility, and subsidy

Discover the various options available to secure capital for your fish farm. Learn about government facilities and subsidies that may be available to you.

20m 3s
Chapter 5
Selection of fish species

Explore the various species of fish commonly raised in aquaculture. Learn how to select the right species for your farm based on your goals and resources.

18m 48s
Chapter 6
Fish feed and supply

Learn about the different types of fish feed available, including natural and commercial options. Discover the best practices for feeding and supply management.

20m 33s
Chapter 7
Water management

Discover the importance of water quality in fish farming. Learn about the different strategies for maintaining clean and healthy water for your fish.

14m 34s
Chapter 8
Fish care and disease control

Learn about the common diseases that affect farmed fish and how to prevent and treat them. Discover best practices for fish care to ensure a healthy and profitable farm.

15m 8s
Chapter 9
Harvesting and storage

Explore the various harvesting techniques used in fish farming. Learn how to store and transport your fish to market in the most efficient and effective way possible.

15m 2s
Chapter 10
Marketing and value addition

Learn how to market and sell your fish to maximize profits. Discover the different value-added products that can be created from farmed fish.

13m 33s
Chapter 11
Income, expenditure and profit

Explore the financial aspects of fish farming, including income, expenses, and profit. Learn how to manage your finances to ensure long-term success.

5m 11s
Chapter 12
Final Words

Wrap up your course journey with final insights and inspiration, ready to apply your newfound knowledge to achieve success in fish culture.

Who can take up this course?
  • Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a business in the field of fish farming 
  • Farmers who are looking for alternative ways to generate income from their land 
  • Aquaculture professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills
  • Agribusiness owners who are looking to diversify their portfolio 
  • Anyone interested in sustainable agriculture
What will you learn from the course?
  • Different fish species suitable for multi-culture farming 
  • Pond design and management 
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Disease prevention and management
  • Marketing and sales strategies
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Multi-Culture Fish Farming-Earn 12 Lakh Profit from 2 Acres
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Multi-Culture Fish Farming-Earn 12 Lakh Profit from 2 Acres

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