Madesh P
Madesh P
Madesh P
🏭 Dikshith Bioflock Fish Farm, Chamarajnagar
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Fish & Prawns Farming
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Meet Dr Madhesh, an aquaculture expert, who earned 12 lakhs in fish and crab farming. As a specialist in crab and bio-floc farming, he cultivates a wide variety of fish species using pond-biofloc methods. Learn from his experience.
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About Madesh P

Madesh is a renowned expert in fish and shrimp farming, with a monthly income of up to 12 lakh rupees. His expertise spans Pond Aquaculture and Biofloc Aquaculture. At Dixit Biofloc fish farm, he cultivates a variety of species including Prawns, Murral fish, Rupchand fish, Tilapia...

... fish, Katla fish, Rohu fish, and Mrigal fish. Madesh also excels in fish-related ventures, including direct sales, online sales, wholesale distribution, fish fry sales, and professional fish pond management. His vast experience makes him a trusted name in the aquaculture industry.

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