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Handicraft Business Course-Your Hobby Can Change Your Life

Creating a market for yourself in the world with Handicrafts is easy! Learn more from this course now!

How to start a Handicraft Business In India?
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  • 1

    8m 44s

  • 2
    Meet your mentors

    20m 56s

  • 3
    Why handicraft business?

    19m 57s

  • 4
    How to choose a location for Handicraft Business?

    10m 8s

  • 5
    Capital, Resources, Ownership

    10m 32s

  • 6
    Government Support

    12m 45s

  • 7
    Handicraft Business from Home

    5m 17s

  • 8
    Raw materials for Handicrafts

    9m 2s

  • 9
    Production stages

    13m 51s

  • 10
    Product diversification

    16m 52s

  • 11
    Packaging, Branding, Exhibitions


  • 12
    ROI, Sustainability & Growth

    10m 18s

  • 13
    Social Impact and Way forward

    18m 20s


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