B A Sudharshan
B A Sudharshan
B A Sudharshan
🏭 Nagajute Creations , Bengaluru City / Bangalore City
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Meet Mr. Sudarshan: Founder of "Naga Jute Creations." He has experience in crafting premium quality Fancy Bags, Laptop Bags, Corporate Gifts, and Magic Purses with coconut fibre for his wide range of customers. Learn from his expertise and creativity.
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Handicrafts Business
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About B A Sudharshan

In Bengaluru, a jute bag entrepreneur named Sudarshan from Kadirenahalli pursued his passion for handicrafts after education. He founded Naga Jute Creation, starting with one sewing machine. Now, he earns significantly each month, with his jute bags gaining popularity locally and internationally....

... Together with his wife, Sudarshan established a jute creation factory in Kengeri. Their affordable bags enjoy success, being sold across states and even exported. Sudarshan's journey showcases how a simple idea and hard work can lead to a thriving business, making a mark both in his state and beyond.

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