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The Complete Guide to Sell Your Products & Services

Become a Sales Superstar: The Complete Guide to Selling Anything, Anywhere, Anytime!

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  • 1
    Course Trailer

    2m 28s

  • 2
    Introduction to Selling Your Products & Services

    15m 9s

  • 3
    The 6 Ps of Pre-Sales: Pricing, Packaging, Positioning, Place, People, and Promotion

    33m 33s

  • 4
    Digital Sales Strategies: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and More

    1h 36m 26s

  • 5
    Branch Sales: What kind of products & services should go for Branch Sales?

    37m 48s

  • 6
    Franchise Sales: Best Practices to Build a Successful Franchise Busines

    36m 12s

  • 7
    Direct Sales: What is Direct Sales?Advantages? How to build an effective direct sales team?

    30m 36s

  • 8
    Retail Sales: Sell & Pay, Buy & Sell, Stock Management, Inventory Cost, Logistics & reachability

    31m 37s

  • 9
    Wholesale Sales: Types of Wholesale channels & Success Secret to Succeed in Wholesale Business

    17m 50s

  • 10
    Export: When & why to export?, Paths, Private Label, Payment terms, Risks and marketing challenges

    27m 34s

  • 11
    Final Words

    4m 51s


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