Sonapuram Balakrishna
Sonapuram Balakrishna
Sonapuram Balakrishna
🏭 Growell Machines, Hyderabad
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Sonapuram Balakrishna, who has been awarded the "Best Business Man" award, is earning more than Rs 1 crore per year from paper plate manufacturing business. Meet this business expert and know the secrets of running a successful business.
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About Sonapuram Balakrishna

Sonapuram Balakrishna pursued his degree before venturing to Hyderabad for employment. There, he crossed paths with a paper plate vendor, sparking his journey in recycling discarded paper plates. Returning to his hometown briefly, Balakrishna found the vendor had departed, leaving his enterprise. Armed with intricate paper plate knowledge, Balakrishna seized the opportunity to launch his own business. Immersing himself in research, he...

... gleaned insights from paper plate industries in Gujarat, Delhi, and West Bengal. In 2011, "Grovel Machines" emerged, dedicated to crafting paper plates. Through innovation and determination, Balakrishna's business thrived, garnering an annual revenue surpassing one crore. His empire expanded across Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, and Hyderabad, employing 800 to 1000. Notably, he clinched the "Best Business Man" Award in Small Scale Industry in 2014.

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