Apoorva B V
Apoorva B V
Apoorva B V
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"Meet Apoorva, a beekeeper and Director of Honey Day Bee Farm. His 12-year journey from engineering to beekeeping exemplifies how knowledge-driven innovation can turn dreams into reality. Find out how beekeeping can help you build wealth. Connect with Apoorva now.
தனிப்பயனாக்கப்பட்ட வழிகாட்டுதலுக்காக Apoorva B V உடன் பேச விரும்புகிறீர்களா?
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Apoorva B V பற்றிய விவரம்

Apoorva B V., hailing from Chitradurga, He began his journey with just two honey boxes, after 12 years it has now expanded to over 500 boxes under his role as the director of Honey Day Bee Farm. After completing his engineering degree, Apoorva delved into bee farming and wholeheartedly embraced technological advancements in this field. His story exemplifies how education and intelligence can pave the way for success. He not only mastered beekeeping but also shared his...

... knowledge, transforming many lives through beekeeping. Apoorva's accomplishments include inspiring numerous individuals to generate substantial income through honey production. Today, Honey Day Bee Farms Ltd. stands as a testament to his achievements, spanning beekeeping, honey product creation, packaging, processing, and marketing. Apoorva's remarkable journey has garnered him prestigious awards such as the Best Urban Farmer Award from JKVK and the Deccan Erode Change Makers Award.

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