Apoorva Ramesh
Apoorva Ramesh
Apoorva Ramesh
🏭 Bengaluru Food Truck, Bengaluru City / Bangalore City
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Apoorva Ramesh is one of Bangalore's top 10 food truck owners. Balancing corporate life with a thriving street food business, he offers valuable insights on food trucks and street food businesses. Let's connect and learn.
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About Apoorva Ramesh

Apoorva Ramesh, a software company employee and owner of "Bangalore Food Truck," a top 10 food truck in the city. He introduced the new concept of street food business in India, especially in Karnataka, earning substantial income alongside his regular job. He shares insights on selecting a food truck, choosing ideal locations, crafting menus...

... for different tastes and areas, setting prices, catering corporate events, hiring chefs, and managing part-time operations. Overcoming challenges, Apoorva's success story inspires aspiring street food entrepreneurs. Seeking to start a street food business? Apoorva's valuable guidance is at your service through his thriving "Bangalore Food Truck."

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