B V Lakshmidevi Gopinath
B V Lakshmidevi Gopinath
B V Lakshmidevi Gopinath
🏭 Mathura Food products, Shimoga
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Food Processing & Packaged Food Business
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Meet Dr. Lakshmi Devi Gopinath, an accomplished entrepreneur and leader of Mathura Products since 2001. Her achievements have earned her multiple awards, making her an inspiring mentor for your personal and professional growth. Learn how she runs her business.
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Food Processing & Packaged Food Business
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About B V Lakshmidevi Gopinath

Dr. Lakshmidevi Gopinath, hailing from Shimoga, is the visionary behind Mathura Food Products, a renowned venture. As the Kudu family's eldest daughter and a mother of two, she aspired for more than domestic confines. With unwavering determination, she founded Mathura Food Products, transcending challenges. With a mere...

... 100 rupees, she initiated jam production, now flourishing with 54 diverse items, acclaimed internationally. Famous for pickles, jams, sambar powder, and more, her expertise extends to strategic marketing. Notable accolades include the International Priyadarshini and National Awards, honoring her exceptional accomplishments.

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