Bollampalli  Krishnarao
Bollampalli  Krishnarao
Bollampalli Krishnarao
🏭 Bollampalli Krishnarao Farm, Vijaywada
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Fish & Prawns Farming
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Bollampalli Krishna Rao proved that age is not a barrier. He managed fish farming brilliantly at the age of sixty-two years. Over fifteen years, he expanded his fish farming from two to sixty acres. Connect & learn from his expertise.
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About Bollampalli Krishnarao

Bollampalli Krishna Rao proudly boasts a 30-year career in agriculture. Despite holding a degree, at sixty-two, he defies age by actively managing fish farming. Hailing from Bhairavapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, Rao has excelled in fish and shrimp farming for 36 years....

... Starting with small tanks on a two-acre plot, he sold fish to fishermen at twenty-five. Transitioning from two acres to twenty, he shifted focus in 2000 to cultivating larger fish. Today, his thriving fish farm spans sixty acres, a testament to his enduring success in the field.

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