C H Sathish
C H Sathish
C H Sathish
🏭 Kaveri Nursery, Mysuru / Mysore
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Meet CH Sathish, a Natural Agriculture Practitioner. With zero investment for a decade, his 1-acre farm thrives without fertilizers. He empowers fellow farmers to maximize income through cow dung-based manure in cultivating coconut, banana, pepper, cardamom, and coffee nurseries.
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About C H Sathish

CH Satish is a skilled practitioner of Zero Capital Natural Farming. He demonstrated how to achieve farming success without any financial investment. He crafts Jivamrita and Beejamrita for nourishment instead of relying on external fertilizers. Pesticides are self-prepared, eliminating the need for purchasing. Remarkably, he reaps profits from...

... integrated farming on just one acre, debunking the notion of needing more land. In this small space, he cultivates an array of crops including groundnuts, cardamom, coffee, coconut, and bananas, supplemented by lucrative additions like pepper and nutmeg. Expertise extends to running a nursery business, showcasing his diverse agricultural mastery.

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